Uncommon Goods Ceramic Design Contest

Calling all potters, ceramicists, artisans and designers!

Uncommon Goods is  looking for your best works in clay and porcelain— unique items for tabletop and home. Whether you make each piece by hand, or create a one-of-a-kind piece to be cast or molded, they can’t wait to see your creative work. This is a great opportunity to get your work in a very cool catalog.

At Atlanta Clay we love this catalog especially for cool jewelry and it always showcases good design!

xo and Good luck!



Porcelain for the People

We are going to stock this amazing clay – view at  http://www.mattanddavesclays.com/.

Utilizing the tools of Ceramic Engineering and the experience of the Artist.
Matt and Dave bring you the greatest clays that you have ever used.
Formulas engineered to work better in your hands than any other clay available.
Formulas that have been engineered to reduce common flaws:
Slumping, Bloating, Cracking, Warping, Discoloration.
Clays made by filter-pressing, the highest standard for clay mixing.
Creating true Porcelains that work like Stonewares.
Allowing for you and your work to be at its best.

At Atlanta Clay we strive to bring you the newest, best, products out there – if you see something you think we should have – just let us know!


Tee Shirts $10 totes $3.50

T-shirts $10 – reusuable totes in MANY colors $3.50!!! Check us out at www.atlantaclay.com. “Atlanta Clay” thanks Jane Attack Screenprinting in Athens, GA for the GREAT job on the tees and bags!!!!

Atlanta Clay is going GREEN!

Setting up a store is tough! Being Green is something we feel strongly about. We used materials and fixtures from salvage stores and craigslist instead of buying brand new. Our wooden shelves are from IKEA and made from wood that is harvested responsibly to assure a renewable resource. We use recycled paper and boxes – even our packing peanuts come from a company that collects already used peanuts and boxes that are overprints and salvaged. We bought a used truck, forklift, and pallet racking. If you want to bring your clay boxes back to us we can use them to ship smaller orders.

We are also being sponsored by Riot Grrrl Ink to reduce our carbon footprint via Terra Pass www.terrapass.com. Carbon offset credits are purchased correlated to our energy bills, shipping bills, and gasoline consumption. The money is invested into Green technology! Please visit Riot Grrrl at www.riotgrrlink.com and show them some love for their sponsorship. Gina Mamone is helping us to Green our Clay rEvolution! Thanks Gina!!!

Until next time,
Atlanta Clay